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Space Maka Storage Solution are now the Australian distriburtor of the storeWALL paneling system, over the next few months

we will be rolling out the full range of storeWALL products via our new website but until then please feel free to drop us a line

so we can help you out. 



Expand and organize your space with wall-mounted storage solutions from StoreWALL. With superior materials and construction, our products are built to last. Plus you won’t find a system that’s easier to install. StoreWALL systems are:

  • Strong – constructed to hold your heaviest items
  • Durable – waterproof thermoplastic won’t weather, scratch or fade
  • Safe – exclusive CamLok™ technology secures items to wall
  • Efficient – wall-mounted system frees up valuable floor space
  • Easy to clean – simply wipe it down or hose it off
  • Flexible – modular parts are available in multiple finishes
  • Simple to install – our three-step process makes it a breeze

StoreWALL. The best value in storage solutions.


10 Year Warranty


Standard Duty 16mm storeWALL panels

4 Panels Per Carton = 3.7m2 (1.52 High x 2.44 Long)

(4 x 2440mm x 380mm x 16mm)


Heavy Duty 18mm storeWALL panels

4 Panels Per Carton = 3.7m2 (1.52 High x 2.44 Long)

(4 x 2440mm x 380mm x 18mm)


Flat Trims Flat - For flush joints (2440mm long)

(selected colours)


Small Trims 90 degrees - For Corners (2440mm long)

(selected colours)


Large Trims 90 degrees - For Corners (2440mm long)

(selected colours)


 Lifetime Warranty

Try our new 7.5″ single hooks and never worry about where to store those challenging items again!

190mm Single Prong Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

Our new 5″ single hook is one of the most popular new offerings from storeWALL!

127mm Single Prong Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

Sometimes, you just need an affordable single hook to help you manage those lighter weight items you want organized and accessible.

63mm Single Prong Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

Simple, elegant design allows you to store your prized bicycles vertically to conserve wall space. Designed to hold any bike or trike with spoked wheels (except your Harley).

Use the pre-installed CamLok(tm) and keep your J-Hook on the wall when you’re removing or stowing your bike.

Bike Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

This is our most popular hook! Designed to hold several tools at once to conserve space and keep your walls organized!

Brooms, shovels and rakes are no match for our Heavy Duty Tool Hook! And for good measure, we added a couple of smaller hooks to hold smaller implements, like dustpans and other hand tools!

Patent pending CamLok(tm) installed and ready to go to work!

Heavy Duty Tool Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

Got a broom? How about a rake? Perhaps a snow shovel? The storeWALL HD S Hook is designed to store your long handled tools safely and securely. CamLok(tm) pre-installed for immediate installation and use!

Heavy Duty "S" Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

The bigger brother to our Cradle Hook.
Another popular hook designed to store larger power and garden tools, cords, ladders, and other deep tools and implements. 
Comes with our award-winning CamLok(tm) pre-installed so the hook stays on the wall as you’re removing or stowing your items!

Heavy Duty Cradle Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

One of our most popular, the storeWALL Cradle Hook can be used to store a wide variety of tools and implements, like shovels, rakes and extension cords.

Includes our patent pending CamLok(tm) to keep your possessions and safely on the wall and not on your floor!

Cradle Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

This is truly the all-purpose hook for any storage need. Ideal for lawn and garden implements, hand tools, sports equipment and many other storage challenges.

And of course, it includes our exclusive CamLok(tm) already installed and ready to go!

Universal Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

Finally! A paper towel holder that works! A simple design that uses gravity and friction to keep your towels on the roll, and off the floor!Try one today!

Papaer Towel Hook



 Lifetime Warranty

Featuring a vented design that allows drip drying of wet or muddy shoes. The 30 degree slope ensures that any dirt or moisture is wicked away from the wall for easy cleanup. The shelf easily holds 3 pairs of boots.

Organize caned goods or create a wine rack in your pantry.

The angled design is a great solution to brochure and book display.

Angle Shelf 30''



 Lifetime Warranty

The perfect solution for tools, toys, supplies – anything that doesn’t require a deep basket.

And because it’s from storeWALL, you know you’re getting a quality basket that includes our exclusive CamLok(tm)!

Heavy Duty Shallow Basket 24''




 Lifetime Warranty

Simply the best basket value around! Large enough to store lots of toys, tough enough to secure your expensive tools.

Like all storeWALL accessories, our deep basket is equipped with our exclusive CamLok(tm) to keep your possessions safe and secure.

Heavy Duty Deep Basket 24''