How easy are the Attic Ladders to operate?

All our ladders are relatively simple to use, however some are easier to operate than others. Ladders in the mid-premium range have a double spring loading, allowing for finger touch control when opening/closing.

Can I still get an Attic Ladder if I have a truss roof?

We have a range of ladders, specifically designed for Truss ceilings.

How long does it take to install an Attic Ladder?

Depending on your ceiling material, the installation of an Attic Ladder can take from between 2-4 hours.

Where is the best place for the Attic Ladder in my home?

Usually, we try to install in a central part of the home, to allow maximum head height clearnance in the roof. This is generally in hallways, but of course we can try to accomodate to where you like the ladder. One of our experienced team will discuss positioning of the ladder during the obligation free quotation.

I have an ornate ceiling- is it still possible to get a ladder installed?

It is- we generally will try to do the install away from any of the ornate areas so we do not cause any unavoidable damage.

What warrenty do the ladders have?

Our ladders all come with a 3year warrenty, excepting the Timber Access Ladder which comes with a 12 month guarantee.

What is the load rating on the ladders?

This depends on the style of ladder you choose. The load rating ranges from 160kg for the Timber access ladder, up to 220kg for the Deluxe Ladder.

Storage Rooms:

What are my options for storage space?

-Flooring: Basic level of storage, includes battening and flooring the area of your roof space. Provides a platform for you to walk across. Perfect for those wanting to store boxes, or items of infrequent use. The flooring is screwed into place to allow easy acces in the future for other trades eg pluming, electrical access.

-DustProof Room: Includes the flooring essentials, wall framing lined with a DustProof Membrane which acts to protect your items in a dustfree environment. The space also includes kickpanels, hard wired lighting and an access hatch to your non-storage roof area.

-Premium Room: Full insulated and Gyprocked room, with dowlighting, powerpoints and the options of skylights or sun tunnels for ventilation. Creates a versatile room, aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

-Can I still get a storage area if I have a Truss roof?

Each roof space is different. We generally are able to install flooring and the DustProof Rooms, however in our experience Premium rooms are not an option.

-What materials do you use for the installs?

We use structural Pine for our battening and framing, particle board for our flooring and kick panels. Our DustProof Membrane is a waterproof PVC lining, similar in appearance to commercial bubblewrap that provides an R1.5 insulation rating when applied over existing sarking.

- What is the load rating for the flooring?

Typically 75kg per m2 in addition to your own body weight.

- What about a structural floor?

There is a price increase for the install of a structural floor. It is recommended for those who anticipate high foot traffic in the Attic space.

- Do I need council approval?

You do not need council approval for installing an Attic Ladder or DustProof Storage Area. A council development application is required for the installation of opening skylights and Premium Rooms- one of our experienced team will discuss your options and requirements on an obligation free quotation.